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    The Ocean Law and Policy program was established on August 1st, 2014 under the College of Ocean and Policy. Establishment of the Ocean Law and Policy program is closely related to Taiwan’s ‘Ocean Country’ policy and the promotion of the Ocean Affairs Council. The program emphasizes on characteristics of ‘Ocean Policy’ with the design of two program-specific value-added program groups of ‘Ocean Law’ and ‘Ocean Policy’. The program aims to emphasize development of fundamental talents for the cultivation of marine law, marine policy, and ocean affairs, in hope to set a precedent for Taiwan’s ocean law education and lay in the foundation for the country’s marine business strategy.



Future prospect

1. Support of abundant resources from both outside and inside of the University

(1) Backed up with the world-renowned reputation of ocean-related programs and top research university
The University is a leading university in the teaching and research of ocean-related programs in the country. The advantage of “Ocean, ocean affairs, and ocean products” is not only unique in the land of Taiwan, but also help the University become listed at the world’s top 400 universities in Times Higher Education 2011 - 2012. The University consists of ocean-related colleges such as the College of Maritime Science and Management, College of Life Sciences, College of Ocean Science and Resource, College of Engineering, College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, College of Humanities and Social Sciences, etc. The fruitful results of all colleges are not only beneficial to the teachers, equipment and program content established by the Bachelor Degree of Ocean Law and Policy program, but also help richen the content of the lately established College of Ocean Law and Policy. Furthermore, the program-specific value-added program consists of teachers mainly from the Institute of the Law of the Sea, the top and only ocean law institute of the country. The Institute of Marine Affairs and Resources Management has also been devoted to marine affairs management for years. The Institute of Applied Economics was previously the Institute of Fisheries Economics. The Institute has always paid close attention to ocean economics industry throughout the years. As a result, the University’s overall scale of development and environment resources act as the perfect foundation for the development of the Bachelor Degree of Ocean Law and Policy program!

(2) With the long-term cooperation and consensus of marine related production and research circles both inside and outside of the country. Since its establishment in 1953, the University has been established for more than 60 years. Under the guidance of inspirational Headmasters and the effort of teachers and students, the University has developed good relationship of cooperation and consensus with organizations such as freight, marine affairs, fisheries, ships of ocean-related departments in public and private sectors (such as Fisheries Agency, Maritime and Port Bureau, Coast Guard Administration, Taiwan International Ports Corporation, Ltd., Fisheries Research Institute, National Museum of Marine Science and Technology of Taiwan, Fishermen's Association, various freight companies and other freight, shipping and ocean industry research and development centers, etc.) both locally and internationally upon exchange of thoughts and talents. The University also actively reaches out to local and foreign education institutes to form sister school relationships. Apart from existing cooperation with freight and fisheries industries, the University is also widely known for its excellence in the field of ocean law and policy. Moreover, the program is particularly related to ocean law and policy-related programs from Asian marine countries such as China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, thereby evoking further exploration, visitation and cooperation with research institutes and units. Alumni of the University is working in every corner of the world, devoted in the field of ocean affairs. They are also a relatively important source of networking and manpower for the program in its history of development.


2. Acting as an international example for the cultivation of talents in ocean law and policy

For its existing conditions and various abundant resources, integrated planning of the University’s ocean law and policy value added program groups will broaden students’ vision, allowing students to gain a deeper understanding in ocean law and ocean policy through studying of the program. The program also heavily emphasizes cooperation and internship practice with government agencies and business corporations, while encouraging students to participate in social learning, as well as exams in public and private related to the ocean industry, or acquire ocean-related professional licenses or certification. In other words, the program can deemed guarantee for qualified talents with ocean law and policy major, whom can then easily enter the international platform for prospect work. It is safe to say that the University is Taiwan’s example for the cultivation of talents in ocean law and policy and industry-academia cooperation in the modern international society.



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